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our mission

Our mission at Last Word is to encourage, inspire, and motivate not only survivors of human trafficking but everyone through the power of our voice! We hope to do this through the statement of LOUD, BOLD, and OUT THERE fashion to bring attention to the global crisis known as human trafficking.

our values

We believe that your word is your bond and that all things are possible through Christ. We are working to build relationships that matter and cultivating meaningful community connections – ones that will pave the way for a legacy of positive change and increased awareness, education, and prevention of human trafficking. Last Word believes that eradicating human trafficking, which is essentially modern-day slavery, starts with being LOUD about the topic, BOLD in our actions, and OUT THERE in our fashion. Last Word works to educate the most vulnerable and at-risk for being trafficked all the way to the ones who know nothing about human trafficking. 

last word merch

All of our products at Last Word are purchased through fair trade and ethically sourced certified organizations. What does this mean? Well, to put it simply, you're wearing a product that was made through fair wages and not through any type of human trafficking. You can wear our products proudly knowing you supported ending this global crisis. We have to stay LOUD, BOLD, and OUT THERE to end human trafficking, and that is exactly what Last Word is doing through our clothing line!

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