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Jared Fogle the Human Trafficking Guy

Jared Fogle is a man whose weight loss based on Subway sandwiches, launched him into the pop culture spotlight at the start of January 2000.

Jared created The Jared Fogle Foundation to help spread awareness on the topic of childhood obesity. But behind the scenes, he was repeatedly engaging in illicit sexual acts with minors.

Between the years of 2004-2015, Jared used his foundation to travel across the United States and some Asian countries speaking on Childhood Obesity, while also grooming and engaging in the human trafficking of minors.

Several people at different times would come forward to local law enforcement and the FBI, but nothing seemed to happen to Jared Fogle.

Until, Jared's foundation director Russell Taylor was arrested and charged with having and distrpbuting illicit child exploitation content, that an investigation into Jared really began to take notice. Listen to our episode on Jared Fogle today and tell us what you think about the now-infamous Jared Fogle the Subway Guy.




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