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Mark Himebaugh

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Mark Himebuagh was a lively, energetic, and excited 11-year-old with fire-red hair who set out to explore the excitement surrounding a marsh fire that broke near his home. Mark was never seen again.

The last photo taken of Mark Himebaugh (left) with his older brother. Mark is wearing the sneakers that would later be found on the beach.

Monday, November 25th, 1991 Mark is last seen by his mother Maureen around 3:15 pm when she left to go pick up a friend. Mark promised his mother he would for be careful and home shortly.

Mark was seen by many people that day who were out watching the fire and the last reported sighting of Mark was around 4:00p at the nearby playground/park with an unknown blonde-haired little girl. Mark's mother returned home around 4:20 pm and started to worry when Mark didn't come home by sundown.

Later that night one of Mark's sneakers was located on the beach just yards away from his home. A massive search was conducted by land, sea, and boat but no other evidence of Mark was located.

A few years later an eyewitness to a video comes forward to police claiming it's Mark. This male sex worker told officers he saw a home recording of a little redhead boy who was tied up and being sexually tortured by Thomas Butcavage Jr. and the little boy in the video Mark Himebaugh. A search of Butcavage's property turned up no evidence of the video or Mark and Butcavage was never charged in connection to Mark's disappearance.

Thomas Butcavage Jr

Thomas Butcavage Jr. is someone police believe may be involved in Mark's disappearance and have asked the public to contact them if they knew Butcavage in the late 80's early 90's.

Butcavage closely resembles the composite sketch of a man that was seen talking to Mark on the day he disappeared.

Composite Sketch

Marks Sneaker that was found

Original sketch of two men wanted for questioning

Unknown Girl seen with Mark

Second POI wanted for questioning



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