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S1: E15: Kaylee Jones

Kaylee Jones had a hard life in her early years, for reason we don't know, Kaylee and her brother were taken out of their mothers home and placed in foster care at a young age. At this point Kaylee and her brother would be adopted by Daniel and Brenda Jones who already had three older boys, making this 5 children and Kaylee the only girl.

According to her parents, Kaylee started acting out even running away several months prior to her actual disappearance. Although the circumstances surrounding that event would come into question later.

Daniel and Brenda have stated on several news outlets that Kaylee was diagnosed with Autism and requires daily medication and they believe she is bipolar after doing a self diagnosis from research conducted online.

On June 12th 2022, two days before Kaylee would go missing, she would have her phone taken away by her parents after they discovered she had been using it to communicate with strangers via Snapchat and other social platforms.

On the evening of June 14th everything seemed normal and after telling her parents goodnight Kaylee proceeds to her room, where at some point in the night she leaves.

Without her phone since it had been taken away several days prior, its what she did take that is most interested. Kaylee left her home on June 14th, 2022 with her bank card, social security card, birth certificate, and about $30 to $50 in cash, along with two to three outfits, a pair of shoes and her backpack.

One month after her disappearance The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, FBI, the Secret Service, the U.S. Marshal Service and local law enforcement along with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children were all assisting in the search for the missing 16 year old Kaylee Jones.

It was discovered Kaylee had been communicating with several men online and had seven snuck out of her house previously without anyone knowing.

What happened on June 14th, 2022, where did Kaylee go, who was she meeting, and where is she now?

Listen to the latest episode on the case and let us know what you think happened.



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