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S1: E2: Roxanne Paltauf

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Roxanne Paltauf was a sophisticated, yet naive 18 year old out spending time with her boyfriend when she 'supposedly' walked away from the hotel they were staying at, after an argument with her boyfriend on Friday July 7th of 2006.

Through a long and pain staking journey her family has learned some hard facts about the man in her life, leading them to believe he isnt being truthful and is responsible for her disappearance

Louis Walls had a criminal record that dated back to 1995 - consisting of robbery, selling fake crack to an undercover cop, and domestic violence. Her family would discover later that Louis had actually caused the broken nose Roxanne had received prior to her disappearance. And one of the most disturbing facts that came to light was the fact that Louis had lied to everyone, including Roxanne about his real age. At the time they began dating Roxanne was 16 and Louis was not 19 as he had stated but actually 28.

Months after her disappearance Roxanne's ID would be discovered in the Austin Police Departments Lost and Found. The ID had come from a man named Jeffery Moore 6 days after Roxanne had disappeared. Police were called to a hotel where Moore was involved in a physical altercation with a female dancer. As the story goes according to Moore, he gave Roxanne and Louis Walls a ride to the store and she left her ID so he was holding it for her.

After Roxanne went missing Louis held onto her phone and made over 300 phone calls to various business and people, including his ex-girlfriend who was living in a battered women's shelter in a different state trying to get away from Louis. He also made several calls to sex hotlines.

With no physical evidence of a crime at the hotel and spotty record keeping by staff the police had little to go on and originally believed Roxanne walked away. Roxanne's family has done their own research and investigation and discovered an hour time gap of usage in her phone, along with random roaming charging.

Many people the hour time gap in Roxanne's phone usage is the time frame in which Louis and or Jeffery Moore disposed of her body.

With the recent release of a statement from the Austin PD could Roxanne have been transported and sold into the sex trade industry? On March 17th 2021 Austin PD asking the community of Amarillo for help in Roxanne's disappearance stating they had received a tip that Roxanne was spotted in Amarillo after she was last seen in Austin.

Roxanne is described as a caucasian female with light brown hair, and green eyes. Her ears are double pierced and her navel is also pierced. She has a mole on the right side of her neck and a quarter-sized scar on her left knee. Roxanne previously had fractured her nose and one of her upper front teeth is false.

Roxanne has been missing now for 16 years and her family has no answers,

Anyone with information on her disappearance is asked to call the missing persons unit with the Austin Police Department at (512) 974-5250.

We give Roxanne Paultauf the Last Word.


Roxanne Paltauf Circa: 2006

Lewis Walls & Roxanne Paltauf

Source: Crime Watch Daily





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