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S1: E9: Ashley Summers

In July of 2007, 14 years old Ashley Summers was in the middle of her teenage rebellious phase. She was defying her mother and pushing the boundaries by staying out all night, skipping school, and sneaking out. Ashely would advance to stealing money and on one occasion she would take her mother’s entire paychecks and use some of the money for a tattoo of her boyfriend’s name 'Gene' inside a red heart, on her upper right forearm.

Ashley came from a large extended family who all lived within a close proximity of one another in their Cleveland, Ohio neighborhood. So, when her defiance started to become too much for her mother, Ashely would stay with different family members in the area.

Because of this it was not unusual for Ashley to go awhile without speaking to her mother. However, after several days of no word her mother calls on the family and learns that no one has seen or heard from Ashley in several days.

July 9th, 2007 Ashley Summers was filed as a missing person, marking the start of her mother journey to finding her. Shortly before the last sighting of Ashley, it was reported she got into an argument with one of her Uncles, which resulting in her cell phone getting broken. Ashely was last known to have been seen walking away from a relative’s home after a Fourth of July party.

One positive lead came from a family member thinking she spotted Ashley walking the street at night several months after she was last seen. However, police never interviewed the family member and no one ever followed up.

Another good lead came when 3 young women were rescued out of a Cleveland Ohio home in 2012, but Ashley would not be among the survivors.

In 2020 her Uncle would plead guilty to numerous counts of rape, attempted rape, and gross sexual imposition against multiple minors, all of these crimes happened over a 25-year period.

Does he know more about Ashley's disappearance, is he involved, or did she fall victim to another crime?

Ashley Summers
Ashley's tattoo on upper right forearm

Ashley Summers School Photo
Aged Progressed photo of Ashley at 24 years old

Sighting of young women resembling Ashley Summers




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