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Shannon LaBree

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Shannon LaBree, and I am the founder of Last Word. People often ask me how I became focused on eradicating human trafficking, and quite simply I wish there were an amazing story to be told in those instances.  It was more an evolution of situations, stories, and time.


 I have always wanted to be in fashion but in a forward-thinking, independent way. More importantly, I needed there to be a purpose behind my designs. 


Believing in unity and my passion for helping others I wanted my brand to speak to everyone. In the early days of creating Last Word I was deep down the rabbit hole of human trafficking, and true crime podcasts. Full disclosure: My life completely changed the more I educated myself on human trafficking, the stories absolutely blew my mind! What I learned rocked me to the core with a will to make a change and my purpose for Last Word was born.


Human trafficking is all around us, lurking in the shadows while also dancing with daylight.  It's time that we as a race of humans stand together an illuminate this horrid issue, taking a stance to end the disgusting crimes taking place all around us. I can promise that my designs are made by workers who are free of trafficked environments making fair and honest wages.


Wear our products proudly, knowing that you ARE HELPING to end this global crisis with each purchase. 

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