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Susan Walsh

A young, compelling, articulate, and talented writer, Susan Walsh walks out of her home one hot summer's day in July of 1996 and is never seen or heard from again.

Susan's life leading up to her disappearance is truly stranger than fiction. Susans was a writer, student, and investigative journalist by day, turned stripper at night. Tied up in a web of sex trafficking rings, organized crime, Russian Mafia, Blood Drinking Vampires, undercover agents, stalkers, the FBI and CIA, and a relapse back into the drug world leave everyone involved with more questions than answers.

The case of Susan Walsh is wild with crazy turns and twists attractive actors involved but no clear direction on who could be responsible for Susan's disappearance, what happened, or where she is.

Susan was a 35 years old mother to her son David, she was a sister, daughter, and friend who was loved by so many. Susan had dreams and aspirations of working as a writer, making positive change, and touching the lives of others. But she never got that change.

Susan supposedly left her house around 12 pm on July 16, 1996, to make a phone call at a nearby payphone. Susan was scared for her life, she made that known to several people leading up to her disappearance. She expressed concerns about her work on the Russian Mafia, and how her life could be in danger. She told friends she was being followed.

What happened to Susan Walsh, the writer whose life story could be the masterpiece of a true crime novel?

And just 48 hours before she vanished Susan was filmed for a documentary titled Stripped by her friend and fellow dancer Jill Morley.

During filming Susan states, It's draining me, and I have been in four and half years, four years to long I'd say and I'm stuck in this conundrum because I feel so drained, and I'm damaged right now, I will admit that very damaged from this business, I'm hurting, very bad." Susan goes on to say "I recently started drinking, I just lost 11 and half years of sobriety because of dancing. Because it just got too painful."

During filming Susan's pager goes off and she states, "Opps it's my beeper, it's probably a stalker right now, I do, I do have a stalker"

Was Susan taken out by a crime mafia for exposing their involvement in human trafficking? Did she fall hard back into drugs and OD? Or could it be that she walked away from her life to protect her son David from the harm she felt was coming toward her? Maybe it's closer to home and more of a domestic situation between lovers or ex-husbands?

Susan Walsh has been missing for 26 years she was 5 feet 6 tall around 110 pounds blonde hair blue eyes and she would be 63 years old today. She was last seen wearing a black tank top dress and sandals.



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