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Task Force Argos

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes: Who will guard the guards, themselves? This is a profound statement that reflects the world we all live in today. We see government leaders of all kinds across the world who are corrupt on both sides, they are to guard us but who guards them?

Task Force Argos is designed to protect children from sexual exploitation, stop further exposure of child sexual exploitation content shared on dark web platforms, and bring down the sick twisted individuals that create such evil and harm children.

So how on earth does a police-sanctioned Task Force find themselves sharing that very same material of child exploitation on sites on dark websites they themselves run?

Is this a violation of human rights? Are the ideas behind why Task Force Argos works this way, justified?

Task Force Argos is a branch of the Queensland Police Service located in Brisbane, Australia, their job is to investigate online child exploitation and abuse.

The name Argos is from Greek mythology, Argos Panoptes was a giant with many eyes who served as a guard for the queen of the gods, Hera. It's believed Argos had one hundred eyes, never closing all at once, Argos was vigilant and constantly aware and this seems fitting for a team of dedicated individuals responsible for finding and protecting our most vulnerable assets, children from sexual exploitation

Tonight we give the survivors of Task Force Argos the Last Word. - brian way


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