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S1: E10:Missing Ladies of Spring Texas

The city of Spring, Texas makes up one of the many suburbs that surround the big city of Houston. While Spring seems like a safe mid-sized town their increasing number of missing person cases is alarming.

Michelle Lois Prasek was 12 when she went missing from Spring, Texas on December 19th 1997. After a disagreement with her mother the night before, all seemed fine on that December morning, according to Michelle's mother she last saw her daughter when she left that morning to drop off her other child at daycare. Michelle was going to be heading toward the school bus and on to class that day, but she never made it. Theories and speculations have circled around possible family involvement, abduction and murder. Michelle's Prasek's whereabouts are unknown at this time.

Michelle Prasek
Michelle Praseks Aged Progressed 25 Years Old


Alexandria Joy Lowitzer was 16 when she was last seen around 3pm on April 26th, 2010 near Low Ridge Road in Spring, Texas. Alexandria who went by Ali, attended school like normal that day and road the bus home when the day was out. Ali had spoken to her mother to see about walking over from the bus stop to her job at the Burger Barn on Treaschwig Road. Ali told her mother she wanted to pick up her paycheck and possibly a shift if they had an opening. While Ali had never done this before the locations were within walking distance and reluctantly her mother agrees. Ali Lowitzer never made it to work that day and she has not been seen or heard from since. Police initially believed Ali runaway but her family deny this. Several tips would come in over the years regarding Ali being trafficked but nothing would materialized to help locate Ali.

Ali Lowitzer age 16

Ali Lowitzer


Kristen Galvan was 15 when she was last seen at her grandmother's home in Spring, Texas on January 2, 2020. Weeks before she went missing Kristen unfortunately had already experienced being trafficked, it is believed by her boyfriend. After almost two weeks she was located in an area known for sexual exploitation and was safely returned home. Kristen's parents would take her phone away upon her return from this ordeal, however the day after she received her phone back, Kristen would vanish again. A search of the known area she was found previously turned up nothing. A sexual exploitation ad for Kristen was reportedly seen online in the Atlanta area in March 2021 but still no Kristen. Investigators believe Kristen may have been trafficked a second time, and could be frequenting the Bissonnet area of Houston, Texas, or possibly the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Kristen Galvan Age 15
Kristen Galvan

Three very different cases of three different missing ladies from the same town, Spring, Texas. While the cases are not believed to be related the theory all three women could have been trafficked is plausible which leads to the question, what is going on in Spring, Texas?

Anyone with information related to Michelle, Ali, or Kristen is asked to contact The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-843-5678 or Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at 1-936-760-5800.




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