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S1: E11 & 12: Jennifer Kesse

On the morning of January 23, 2006 Jennifer Kesse would wake up early at her boyfriends place in Fort Lauderdale to make the 3 hour drive home to Orlando. The couple living long distance had just returned from a weekend holiday in St. Croix., and Jennifer needed to head home and attend work that Monday. After completing the work day Jennifer heads home, being caught on several toll booths cameras appearing normal. She speaks to several family members and friends throughout the evening, all who state Jennifer was happy and in love, reliving the amazing holiday her and Rob just shared. Jennifer ends the night with a phone call to her boyfriend rob around 10pm, which would be the last known confirmed contact anyone would have with Jennifer.

The Orlando Police department (OPD) didn’t take the cause seriously from the start, claiming that Jennifer just ran off after a fight with Rob. This prompts her loved ones to take action, unaware this would be the start of a long and strenuous battle for the Kesse family.

Missing along with Jennifer were her purse, work bag, 2 cell phones and her car keys and her 2004 Chevy Malibu. Several days after Jennifer went missing a lead surfaced on her car which was located at the Huntington on the Green apartment complex, located 1.2 miles down the road from Jennifer's condo. OPD and Kesse family catch a break when reviewing surveillance video from the complex. A subject is seen driving Jennifer's car into the parking lot, parking her Chevy Malibu sitting for a moment and walking away. The Subject passes the security surveillance camera located in front of the pool where you should get a clear shot of the face. Unfortunately the video recording is of still frames shot over several seconds and the subject in the camera walks perfectly in front of each iron poles in the fence surrounding the pool, obstructing their face from the view of the camera. Dubbing this individual the "luckiest POI ever" (link to video down below).

Jennifer's case has sparked many different theories from various online platforms and armchair detectives even gaining national media attention, yet 16 years later Jennifer is still missing.

While the Kesse family has been more than vocal about the lack of investigation from the OPD, they continue to work Jennifer's case tirelessly. After taking the OPD to court the Kesse family was awarded her entire case file and the OPD would not be responsible for investigating Jennifer's case.

The Kesse family now having Jennifer's case file discovered new images, to them, of Jennifers car. The pictures of the Chevy Malibu suggest a struggle occurred on the hood of Jennifer's car.

Jennifer had recently driven down and back from Robs home in Fort Lauderdale, which approximately 200 miles or 3 hours away one way, so her car was coated in a layer of dust and dirt. The images showing a clean marking on Jennifer's car resembles an outline of possibly body. (Pictures Below)

Jennifer's apartment was filled with construction workers and contractors doing the remodel of the units in the complex where Jennifer purchased her condo. A set of master keys would go missing and it was learned the crew were staying in the unoccupied untied. The theories around the involvement of an undocumented immigrant working on the construction harming Jennifer is the most widely accepted theory in her case. While the rabbit holes around the P.O.I identity along will take you down many different roads, the idea of Jennifer having been a victim of trafficking is one that is not brought up often.

In this episode of Human Trafficking True Crime, we talk about the different theories of Jennifer Kesse's disappearance and the possibility that it is related to human trafficking.

If you would like to help support the Kesse family's legal and investigation fees, you can do so on their GoFundMe Page here

Jennifer Kesse is a white female 5'7" tall with blond hair and green eyes. She has a tattoo of a shamrock on her left hip or left buttocks. She was around 130 pounds at the time of her disappearance. Anyone with information is asked to call the Kesse family tip line at 941.201.4009.

Anyone with information is asked to call the FBI at Kesse Family Tip Line 941-201-4009

Person of Interest

Person of Interest

Person of Interest

Image of Jennifers tattoo

Jennifers Purse

Jennifer Kesse

Jennifers car with the dust cleared off on the driver side

Jennifers car with the dust cleared off on the driver side

Jennifer & Rob

Kesse family



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