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S1: E16: Samantha Tapp

Samantha Tapp walked away from her sisters place on October 12 2004, and has never been seen again. Her case is one that hasn't received much if any media attention and it appears no real police investigation was done into Samantha Tapp's disappearance.

Samantha and her sister Kendale grew up in a difficult environment, bouncing around from different foster care homes and family members homes, the girls were even separated at one point. Samantha and Kendale were all each other had and the pair were extremely close, so when several days would go by and Kendale hadn't heard from her sister she knew something was wrong.

While Kendale states Samantha was upset when she arrived at her home that night in 2004, she is unsure why after all these years later. Samantha would leave Kendale's home that night not telling her where she was going and its believed no one had seen her since.

However after a recent FOIA request submission from Kendale revealed new information in Samantha's case, it has us wondering if she could have been the victim of human trafficking.

With several possible sightings after the last time Kendale saw Samantha, a phone call to a family member, and most interestingly, Samantha Tapp's name being run by several different police agencies across the United States, including the customs department at the DFW International Airport.

What happened to Samantha, where did she walk off to on that October night in 2004?

Did Samantha choose in that moment to walk away from all her trauma, did she meet with foul play, was she a victim to human trafficking?

Listen to the latest episode and decide what you think happened to Samantha Tapp.

Samantha Tapp circa 2004 - Last 2 photos are aged progressed.



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