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S1:E17: Mini Case Coverage

The Use of Fraud, Force, and or coercion to obtain any type of labor, commercial or sexual act, is by definition, human trafficking. Understanding how traffickers use fraud to lure their victim into the industry, acknowledging the different types of coercion used to compromise a victim, and recognizing the styles of force inflicted upon those victims to obtain that labor commercial or sexual act are the hard, cold and ugly truth about human trafficking.

It is realizing that each case, each victim is unique and one of a kind. Each survivor will never share the same story as another, although often times there will be commonalities and patterns. It is vital to remember that each person will fall victim to this crime through different means and methods, styles of exploitations unique only to them and their journey. With the use of fraud force and coercion these victims become entangled in that human trafficking web, struggling, doing what they can to survive, and get by one more day.

Exploitation through the use of drugs, or a partner using fraud to exploit their vulnerabilities, and even the unfortunate, disproportionate and disadvantages plaguing the men and women who make up the native tribes in America. Our Mini Case Coverage episode explores three people who had situations handed to them in life which took this individuals down a path that was unforeseen by even them.

We give Tiffany Perry, Alyssa McLemore, and Jose Alfaro the Last Word.

Tiffany Perry, A.K.A Treasure, Lisa Parker, or Lisa Perry was 23 years old when she went missing on Friday June 20th, 2003 from Phoenix, Arizona.

Alyssa Angelique McLemore was 21 years old when she went missing on Thursday April 9th, 2009 from Kent, Washington.

Jose Alfaro human trafficking survivor



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