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S1: E6: Chrystul Kizer

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Chrystul Kizer started being exploited in 2016 at the age of 16 after she set up a back-page account to earn extra money. This is how she would meet a man named Randall Phillip Volar III, who was 33 at the time.

Volar would pay Chrystul for sexual favors, buying her gifts, a phone, taking her out to eat, and gave her large amounts of cash.

Valor would later begin to sell Chrystul through Backpage to other men.

On June 4th 2018 Volar would pay for an Uber to pick up Chrystul and take her to his house. After a night of drinking and drugs he tried to make advances toward her and she refused. The situation would escalate quickly and Chrystul would ultimately shoot Valor twice in the head and set him and his house on fire that night.

After fleeing in Valors cars, police tracked Chrystul down several days later and arrested her.

She was arrested and waited in jail for over 2 years before being released on bond raised by donators. Chrystul is being charged with several felonies including premeditated murder of Volar.

Chrystul's defense team has been fighting against the courts to use the Affirmative Defense Law, which has never before been used in a human trafficking case. After the judge ruled against it, the case was over turned by a circuit court and now awaits of the supreme courts decision before her case goes to trial.

This is a historic moment for human trafficking survivors, what the supreme court decides will pave the way one way or another for future cases with similar outcomes.

Listen to her story now on Human Trafficking True Crime.

We Give Chrystul Kizer the Last Word.


Chrystul Kizer

Randy Volar




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