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S2 E3: Sexual Allegations & The Catholic Church

Sexual abuse allegations and or crimes made against religious organizations, their leaders, priest, clergy member, or hierarchy is probably something most around the world are familiar with.

Many of you have probably heard a story or two of sexual crimes related to a church or religious leader. Warren Jeff the leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or better known as the FLDS is now a convicted child rapist.

David Koresh from our own backyard, Waco Texas, has been accused of physical and sexual abuse against children but died from a gunshot wound to the head after a subsequent raid by the AFT which led to a fire at his compound, and the death of 79 people.

One that seems more recent in the news cycle is that of Josh Duggar, the oldest child from the TLC show 19 kids and Counting who took advantage of underage girls, including his own family members, possessed and watched illicit child exploitation videos and content, his church elders and family help to hide it. But the most famous or widely spoken about is that of the Roman Catholic church and the abuse claims that have been made around the world, going back decades. Yet nothing ever seems to really stop this type of abuse from happening again - we always see new claims pop up against the catholic church every couple of years, where more people come forward, more cover-ups are exposed and no one is punished. At what point do we as a society stand up against the Catholic church and its abuse of power, at what time do we demand changes within the very establish that millions of people around the world follow, and when will the catholic church learn from the mistakes of their past, and forge a way forward that truly embodies the work they claim to live by.

Tonight we give the victims of the roman Catholic Church the Last Word.

Please Sign this petition to help change the legal terms used for child exploitation content.



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